You are not tied to an airline schedule and route system.  When you work with Private Jet Services, you set the itinerary. You depart when you wish, and we work to ensure your aircraft is ready and waiting for you. There is no baggage claim, no ticket counters, no airport crowds, no waiting. You’ll never have to worry about anything because we take care of all the details.


Depart from a smaller airport, closer to home, and land at an airport closer to your destination, without flying hours out of your way to wait on a connecting flight. You have the comfort and privacy needed to conduct business, and relax with friends and family. Your private jet can become a “conference room in the sky” where next year’s deal can be agreed to in principal, long before the meetings get underway at the destination.

It’s easy to book a trip with PJS. By engaging PJS we deliver a straightforward pricing model based on what best fits your needs and itinerary.

Wondering how the cost of business aviation and private aviation stacks up to commercial? Find out.