The PJS approach to Private Jet Charter Safety

At Private Jet Services (PJS) private jet charter safety is our highest priority. We take exhaustive measures to guarantee that every flight has been approved under the most rigorous safety standards.

When selecting aircraft for our private jet charter clients we choose operators who not only pass FAA standards, but who actively seek independent third-party safety auditors for more stringent aviation safety requirements. We choose exclusively from ARG/US and Wyvern approved operators because they have chosen to bind themselves to non-mandatory requirements in order to maximize safety for all of their passengers.

private jet charter safety

The FAA regimented flight standards program is enhanced by our exceptional safety process which includes approved carrier monitoring, carrier certification, and background checks on aircraft and crew.

Additionally, PJS employs a unique full time Product and Safety team whose sole mission is to guarantee client safety. They accomplish this monumental task by working closely with operators and airports to make sure that all parties are operating with the same understanding to adhere to strict safety procedures, which are followed to the letter, and that each flight is comprehensively inspected inside and out pre-takeoff to further safeguard against the possibility of a safety issue.

Additional ways PJS ensures safety for Private Jet Charter

Unlike other private jet charter firms, PJS takes measures to not only keep our clients safe, but make them feel safe as well. To that end, we place a personal Flight Concierge on every large group flight. Your flight concierge will answer any question you may have and to resolve any problems as they occur

We take comprehensive measures to ensure that the pilot and co-pilot have all the experience and skills necessary to make your flight as smooth as possible, including extensive flight experience and pristine safety records. These steps help ensure your safety no matter where in the world you choose to fly.