Corporate Travel Managers – Private Jet Charter Costs Case Study

The following is a real world example of a PJS Corporate client that optimized their travel spend while saving money on private jet charter costs. The name of the company and its theater of operation have been changed to protect the privacy of our client:

The Challenge – Optimizing Travel Spend

Corporate Inc.’s executive team utilized commercial airlines (a combination of Business and First Class) for the vast majority of its aviation needs. The company’s senior executives were often accompanied by a small team, with frequent route density between their North American headquarters and destinations including Switzerland, Los Angeles, New York, Brazil, and the UK. The company was not enrolled in any fractional or block hour programs. The volume of passengers seemed to make private travel economically compelling, however the company had yet to take advantage of this resource.

The Solution – PJS’ Total Flight Management Jet Charter Program

Corporate Inc. connected with PJS to explore solutions for their business related travel. PJS immediately identified…

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