Let the journey be part of the event for you and all your guests with Destination Celebration by PJS.

The unique features of VIP configured private charter personal jet offer an exclusive way to accommodate your entire party. PJS offers the most spacious jets in the world – accommodating up to 72 passengers in all new cabins with better than first class comfort. You avoid the delays and nuisance of multiple flight schedules. Your whole party arrives relaxed, renewed and ready to celebrate.

PJS offers the most spacious jets in the world

Commercial airlines’ first class cabins grow more expensive and less comfortable each passing day and executive jets cannot hold more than a dozen passengers. PJS provides a grand private charter airline experience for your large party.

In fact, PJS can recommend a group charter jet spacious enough to cater events in the air. Imagine the memories from a mile-high birthday party, anniversary or wedding. Our staff or your event planner can tailor the setting, catering and amenities to make the day everything you dreamed.

When you gather friends and family for a special day, every hour is a precious resource, one you hope becomes a treasured memory. Destination Celebration enhances those memories. Whether your event is an extravaganza or a simple gathering, we help you maximize your time together by eliminating the frustrations, delays, and discomfort of public travel.

How does a charter compare to a commercial flight? Find out.