We understand that the success of your business is not negotiable.

That is why we work closely with you to ensure that all of your business travel goals are met. No matter the size or scope of the project, we can help you reach your destination safely and on-time, while you enjoy the comfort and flexibility of a corporate jet service.

We specialize in corporate jet services for mission-critical projects that require a level of sophistication, service and quality that is rarely found in the charter market. Whether your projects require daily movements of hundreds of employees from multiple points-of-origin, or a single movement of a high-value team, we find ways to make each trip a success.

Unlike fractional ownership or other ad hoc charter options which require pre-payment or volume guarantees, our corporate private jet services offer a Total Flight Management (TFM) program which boasts no commitment, no fees of any kind (monthly or other recurring), and no minimum usage. The TFM program also offers you a powerful way to leverage employee labor-hours at all levels of the organization.

We deliver a compelling value that you can rely on. Discover the reason that we maintain a repeat-client rate in excess of 90%.

Key Facts

  • Access to premium, late-model corporate aircraft in every category from all-coach configured to VIP airliners.
  • A dedicated 24-hour account team, including a personal, dedicated Flight Concierge.
  • Safety standards customized for each client – choose from a wide selection of ARG/US Gold and Platinum or Wyvern verified aircraft.
  • Best-in-industry contingency management.
  • No requirement to place funds on account in order to participate.
  • Access to a customized online portal.

Saving Valuable Time & Costs

By avoiding the daily inconveniences of commercial business travel, including long security lines, delays, cancelled flights, and lost baggage, our custom aviation solutions deliver the ability to hold in-flight conferences and find time to prepare for upcoming meetings without distractions or interruptions.

PJS can facilitate multi-city meetings within a single calendar day and the ability to visit territories where commercial lift is extremely limited or unavailable.

Companies using PJS benefit from fewer overnight stays, fewer driving hours, and lower direct air transportation costs, coupled with increased employee productivity and comfort.

PJS also provides a Flight Concierge for each trip to work directly with our clients’ travel department regarding reservations/manifest coordination, customized catering, corporate client branding, on-board entertainment, customs, immigration, and ground transfers, as well as vehicle ramp access for door-to-door service.

Safety & Security

PJS only transports company employees and their authorized guests, their luggage and the corporate client’s inter-city cargo on-board the aircraft. This safety measure assures zero risk from other travelers, foreign objects, or unscreened baggage.

Our experienced staff caters to the safety specifications, conveniences, and comforts our clients require.

PJS delivers superior service and privacy to all our clients and enjoys a repeat-client rate in excess of 90%.

For more information regarding the PJS, please contact us.

PJS’s Corporate Shuttle Program Includes:

  • Dedicated Concierge Service Specialist
  • Contingency Planning
  • Reservation/Manifest Coordination
  • Scheduling Optimization
  • Safety Reporting
  • Centralized Billing
  • Hassle Free Travel
  • Dedicated Employee Airport Parking
  • Ground Shuttle Services Airport-Office-Airport
  • Customized Catering
  • On-Board Entertainment
  • Vehicle Ramp Access
  • 24/7 Access for Client
  • On-Site Trouble Shooting

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