We work with dozens of universities to deliver team charter solutions that ensure their teams arrive to each event, and return home, ready to play.

We take a consultative approach to creating a team charter program. We work with you to plan every detail of your team’s flight experience from in-flight entertainment, catering and on-board customized amenities, to seamless coordination of customs, immigration, baggage and ground handling. We can help you enhance the effectiveness of your season long travel program by delivering industry leading solutions.

Our team charters allow coaches and players to focus on what’s most important – winning the game.

After working with us we’re sure you will view the level of service and effectiveness we provide as a competitive advantage. From avoiding long lines and delays to holding onboard meeting and delivering customized catering, our team charters allow coaches and players to focus on what’s most important – winning the game.

Advantages of Partnering with PJS:

  • We operate NCAA team movements ranging from 19 passengers to 200 passengers.
  • Let us worry about the hassles associated with security, customs and immigration and ground transfers.
  • Reach destinations inaccessible on commercial flights without uncomfortable layovers and overnights.
  • Set and meet in-flight objectives – seminars, meetings, relationship-building opportunities, social activities, relaxation and sports team meal portions and beverage catering.
  • On-site management including: security, customs, immigration, baggage handling, and coordination with hospitality provider.
  • 24/7 oversight of entire air hospitality program.
  • Total privacy – travel only with your known guests, no freight or passengers other than your own on-board, make last minute manifest changes.
  • We provide customized contingency and emergency response plans for every chartered aircraft and every client.
  • Depart on a moment’s notice – you determine destinations and departure times.
  • Transport all cargo & collaterals on your private aircraft.
  • Tag all luggage with guest room numbers (prior to departure) and have luggage delivered to rooms prior to guest arrivals at your hotel.
  • We can provide recruiting charter solutions offering coaches ultimate flexibility to make real time itinerary revisions – based on their ever-changing needs.
  • Gain access to a tailored online portal for trip information, manifests, and flight tracking.

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