Gulfstream 650 Charter

Gulfstream 650 charter

Gulfstream’s long-awaited luxury jet is finally available for charter.

The Gulfstream 650 is the fastest, widest, longest-range business jet on the planet.  Even Gulfstream’s trademark panoramic windows are larger in the G650. And with more windows overall this aircraft offers the most stunning views in the world.

Every aspect of the Gulfstream 650 has been designed to minimize the strain of ultra-long-range travel such as New York to Moscow nonstop.  Extra-high cabin air pressure to ease jet lag, quiet and efficient engines for a comfortable Gulfstream 650 charter flight. Cockpit technology allowing pilots to see further and more clearly regardless of conditions, as well as the most comprehensively equipped passenger cabin make this the world’s most desirable jet.

Passenger Seat Capacity: 11-18
Cruising Speed: .90 mach
Range: 7,000 nautical miles
Cargo Hold: 195 cubic feet
Length: 99’9″
Wingspan: 25’8″
Maximum Payload: 6,500 lbs.