Government: GSA Schedule Contract Provider # GS-33F-0015V


Governmental aviation needs are often unplanned. They require precise and timely solutions irrespective of a project’s size or scope. PJS provides the capability to deploy flexibility when needed. PJS’ proactive approach enables immediate access to multiple aircraft that can ensure our passengers arrive safely and efficiently at their destination. Whether it’s emergency evacuations, group travel, healthcare services, or customs and relocation services, PJS can provide the aircraft configuration to reach even the hard to access destinations. You benefit from the availability of a whole fleet, meaning cost-effective solutions to the most challenging of emergencies, and reliable aviation for regular schedules.


  • CUSTOMER SERVICE 24/7 access to a dedicated team
  • Single point of contact
  • Best practices in contingency management
  • Industry Standard for Intuitive Attention
  • Customized Service
  • No Account Numbers, First Name Basis
  • Highest Touch – CRM backs up Teaming Arrangement
  • Client retention rate over 90%
  • Staff retention rate 5+ years
  • Deep knowledge of government travel
  • Dedicated Concierge for each agency
  • 24 hour communication accessible through phone, distribution list (i.e.
  • Plan or change an itinerary
  • Provide cost estimates for potential trips
  • Arrange for catering and ground transportation
  • Make customs arrangements
  • PJS maintains catering and beverage preferences, allergies, preferred FBOs, on-board newspapers, magazines and WiFi

Contingency Planning

  • PJS Policy: minimum of two contingency plans
  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily/Hourly reports to Client as required
  • Beginning 30 days from the first departure, PJS is in contact will all North American airlines who operate VIP Airliners to determine suitable replacement aircraft positioning and availability.
  • From 7-days prior to the first departure, PJS is in contact with all secondary aircraft operators on a daily basis to track and identify the closest suitable replacement aircraft.
  •  PJS closely tracks and monitors every aircraft involved with a program 24 hours a day, using a flight tracking system that identifies aircraft by their specific registration. We are in constant contact with the aircraft’s dispatch before and throughout the duration of the flight.

When an unforeseen interruption takes place, the on-site PJS Concierge works directly with the team to analyse all contingency options available. Depending on the severity of the inconvenience, PJS coordinates with the club as to the best course of action whether it is remaining at the location, contracting an alternative aircraft, staying at the hotel/venue, or booking commercial air. If an aircraft substitution is necessary, PJS will re-position the closest suitable aircraft.


Personalized consultancy allows us to fully tailor every aspect of your aviation experience. That’s not just for one flight. Travels plans change. Our proactive approach ensures we always have an overview on the availability of pre-vetted aircraft across the world. So when your plans change we’re already one step ahead, offering an efficient solution at a moment’s notice.