Why Executive Jet Aviation works

Executive jet aviation is typically viewed as transportation for upper management, but in actuality it is the use of an airplane for any business travel. To further differentiate this practice from general business aviation, the term is usually applied to smaller airplanes and jets which are carrying relatively few individuals. The practice of moving employees in upper management, especially c-suite executives, by means of private executive jet aviation is not only economically sound, but actually required by many larger companies as it serves a variety of critical business needs.

The main reason cited by large companies for executive private aviation is the significant time savings achieved from using the service. Since c-suite executives are highly compensated individuals, companies do their best to see the most return from that investment. To achieve that, private aviation is utilized for the transport of these upper level executives. The ability to have the aircraft ready on their schedule and able to wait for them should the need arise is crucial. It prevents situations where executives are unable to reach meetings due to missing a flight at the airport.

Another factor of private aviation that contributes to time savings is avoiding the chaos of commercial airports. Executives have the ability to arrive at the airport mere minutes before their flight is scheduled to take off, saving hours of their valuable time which would otherwise be wasted with lengthy security protocols, excess wait time, and additional travel days.

Occasionally, executives need to travel to places not serviced well by commercial airliners. In this case, private aviation provides the perfect solution. With access to more than 4,500 additional airports than commercial airliners, there is no better way to ensure that executives spend as little time and effort travelling as possible.

In-flight productivity is a phenomenal bonus to private aviation, as business deals and other sensitive information can be discussed on the plane without fear of leaking sensitive information. This allows executives to be productive during time that would normally be wasted and unusable.

Additionally, many large companies cite security concerns as the reasoning behind their private-aviation-only policies for upper level executives. Private aviation ensures their safety, all the passengers on the flight are part of the same party and no surprises can occur.

How PJS can facilitate Executive Jet Aviation

With your best interests in mind, we handle all aspects of any executive’s trip from ground transportation to in-flight amenities. PJS is unique to the private jet charter industry in that we believe in handling as much of our client’s trip as possible to ensure that their experience is a positive one. We have the ability to fulfill any traveler need.

We also have the ability to arrange custom catering, and can provide full meals upon request. Our remarkable in-flight catering can deliver almost any style of meal imaginable. And since the food is often acquired from restaurants in the vicinity of the airport, and not traditional food suppliers, the cuisine is of a much higher quality.

To further satisfy executive needs and guarantee their comfort and in-flight productivity, our industry-exclusive Flight Concierge Service is available upon request. The Flight Concierge handles all aspects of your trip, ensuring that every request is satisfied fully.