Corporate merger charter planes fill a very specific need

The logistics of mergers and acquisitions can be complex and difficult to manage. That was the problem that faced a midsize firm, ABC Corp. They had recently purchased another company whose headquarters was located on the other side of the country. Those managing the merge and several top executives were faced with the issue of travelling back and forth between the two headquarters several times a week for the foreseeable future.

When ABC Corp. investigated commercial airlines as a travel option, they were discouraged by the scheduling demands. All options required a layover, sometimes overnight. This drastically inflated the cost of the travel program because it increased hours of time where employees were unable to work. Additionally, they had difficulty finding flights that were consistent from one week to the next, which could accommodate the number of employees that they needed to move.

Put off by the restrictions of commercial airlines, ABC Corp. reached out to PJS requesting an alternative solution. PJS reviewed their needs and quickly came back with a private aviation option.

PJS recommended that ABC Corp set up their own route, with flights at regularly scheduled times throughout the week. This would allow them to move as many employees as necessary during the merger, eliminating the overnights and layovers that had threatened to complicate the whole operation.

Additional amenities for corporate merger charter planes available from PJS

You will never face an unexpected issue on your own with our industry-exclusive Flight Concierge Service. Your Flight Concierge handles all aspects of your trip, ensuring that everything you need or requested is available for your use. For large group trips, they will travel with you on the plane to address any concerns you may have mid-flight and act as a resource to you.

PJS can arrange custom catering for you and provide full meals upon request. With PJS’ remarkable in-flight catering, you can request any meal you want. Since we acquire the food from restaurants in the vicinity of the airport, and not traditional food suppliers, the cuisine is of a much higher quality.

To safeguard our clients we perform our own background checks on both the pilot and copilot for every flight we charter. We take comprehensive measures to ensure that the pilot and copilot have all the experience and skill necessary to make your flight as smooth as possible, including extensive flight experience and pristine safety records. These steps help ensure your safety no matter where in the world you choose to fly.