Citation X for Private Charter Specifications and Information

citation x for private jet charter

Passenger Seat Capacity: 8
Cruising Speed 604 mph
Range: 3, 215 nautical miles
Cargo Hold: 82 cubic feet
Length: 72.33′
Wingspan: 63.58′
Minimum cabin crew: 2

The Cessna Citation X, is a mid size business jet produced by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. The Citation X was based on the designs of earlier Citation models, but featured significant improvements to most systems. It is the first Cessna aircraft to feature powered controls, which allows for a much greater level of flight safety. The Citation X’s air-frame went through a rigorous design process that the manufacturer hoped would reduce the aircraft’s total drag, which was accomplished partly by having the wing pass below the fuselage as opposed to through it.

With a top speed of Mach .935, this Citation was truly built for speed. It has the ability to fly from New York to Los Angeles in less than six hours. Much effort was made to match speed with quality in other respects. When the Citation X was first introduced it was the most fuel efficient midsize business jet as well as the fastest.

Private Charter Possibilities for the Citation X

The Cessna Citation X is an almost unrivaled choice for business charter. The ability to outperform the competition allows any business to gain a critical advantage.

The Citation X also boasts a phenomenal range. Easily capable of crossing the United States or the Atlantic, the fastest aircraft in the world can not only reach the destination quicker, but can go farther as well.

Comfort was not sacrificed for speed and performance. Typical configurations include eight executive seats and a large lavatory that could easily double as a dressing room. A closet large enough to accommodate the belongings of eight people is usually included. The spacious cabin allows for travel which could be relaxing or productive, depending on the nature of the trip.