The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions. What works for one traveler isn’t necessarily right for another traveler, nor should it be. Private Jet Services offers a unique consultancy approach using over a decade of experience to chart individualized solutions for every scenario by determining the metrics that are most meaningful to each organization.

It is a method that consistently delivers choice, value and perfection for a wide range of global clients.

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PJS Consultation has three primary objectives

  1. Determine whether private aviation should have a place in a Principal’s portfolio.

  2. If yes, determine the best private aviation solution for their unique needs.

  3. Produce a plan to navigate the negotiation and contracting of the preferred solution as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

A typical engagement addresses the following detailed goals:

  • Situation Analysis: the current state of the Principal’s travel, as well as their staff and families.

  • ROI Study: current travel costs vs projected costs/savings of private aviation solutions.

  • Solution Study: private aviation market overview, impact and ROI of each viable solution.

  • Implementation Planning: guidance from solutions negotiation to contracting and quality control.

From the perspective of wealth management professionals, advising clients on how best to purchase private aviation is a significant opportunity.  There are advantages in centralizing purchasing power for a Principal, their families and their businesses that might otherwise be missed.

Finding the right solution can be a daunting task

Outright ownership of an aircraft is a major decision even for experienced private travelers. Short of outright aircraft ownership, private jet travelers have 3 fundamental options: fractional ownership, fixed-rate pricing through a jet card or membership purchase, or variable pricing through on-demand charter.  

And there are many aircraft choices to consider within the marketplace. Identifying the best fit based on typical travel patterns, passenger group size, and amenities is part of the PJS Consultation process.   

For companies with multiple bases and staff members heavily using commercial airlines, a private shuttle program might provide exponential benefits in productivity, employee retention as well as costs savings.  

And confidentiality is hard to quantify but it is a very real benefit of flying privately.

A thorough examination of client needs, including understanding their flexibility with regard to aircraft type, will help determine the best mode of purchase.

As aviation market experts, PJS Consulting products can help identify efficiencies & opportunities using the following tools:

  • Current Solutions Audit.
  • Safety Audit and Analysis.
  • Route Analysis.
  • Market Study.
  • Corporate Aircraft Utilization Modeling.
  • Corporate Travel Management.
  • Corporate Shuttle Creation and Management.
  • Financing, Tax and Asset Needs Strategies.
  • Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales.
  • Customized Aircraft Financing.
  • Amortization Planning.
  • Aircraft Management Services.
  • IRS Compliance Services.
  • Refleeting Planning.
  • Emergency Situation Planning.