Private Jet Services Group grew out of a passion for flying. Over 15 years ago, we flipped the standard aviation model on its head to provide a unique consultancy approach to private aviation. It is a method that consistently delivers choice, value and perfection for a wide range of global clients.


At Private Jet Services we take the time to learn your preferences and know how to deliver them, every time. Whether you are traveling for business, leisure or planning large group travel, what matters to you matters to us. Every PJS trip has a dedicated flight manager who is your direct point of contact throughout your trip. Planning, personalization, and communication; that is the PJS way.


Before you ever set foot on the aircraft, our in-house safety team examines the operator accident, incident and enforcement history along with aircraft age, history and liability insurance coverage. We are so confident in your safety we supplement the liability insurance policies of the Air Carriers with a $500,000,000 liability policy of our own.


With a Jet Card program that includes the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) is included in quoted hourly rates, funds that never expire, the ability to upgrade or downgrade without extra fees, no initiation fees, no annual fees,no fuel charges, and no CPI escalator (rates are locked for 12 months). PJS is attractive for both families and businesses.

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